Cast Auditions

CAST AUDITIONS – Weds May 31 – 7pm-10pm – The Gaelscoil – Whiterock Hill.

There is a great variety of male and female parts for both adults and teenagers and we would encourage as many as possible to go for parts. If you don’t get a part you will still be considered for chorus!

Got a question? – just ask!

Here are the characters:
Click here for more info.

Ren McCormack
Rev. Shaw Moore
Ariel Moore
Vi Moore
Willlard Hewitt
Ethel mcCormack
Chuck Cranston
Wendy Jo
Lulu Warnicker
Wes Warnicker
Roger Dunbar
Eleanor Dunbar
A Cop
Betty Blast
Principal Harry Clark
Cowboy Bob


You will be asked to sing a song related to the character you are auditioning for, do a short dance audition and read some of the script with the Director.

All the singing audition pieces are here. Each document has the names of the characters in the title. If there is no specific signing piece, then please prepare the Male Chorus or Female Chorus song instead – depending on whether you are a boy or a girl! Obvs.

The dance audition will be taught to you on the night

Please prepare these sections based on the character you are auditioning for.
Click here to get your audition pieces.


All Callbacks are on Fri June 2
(Callbacks are where we call all those in the running for parts back to work together in groups – this is the final step before the cast is announced and we will get in touch with you directly if you are being called back)


Here’s plenty of info to help you in your prep for the FOOTLOOSE audition preparations:

Here’s a video of the full stage show – click here

You’ll find an online synopsis, character details, vocal range info and more here

A more in-depth synopsis is here.
Our Director Imelda has provided this further character and show info.

You can listen to the whole soundtrack here.


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