AIMS Best Overall Show

Oyster Lane Theatre Group are thrilled to announce that we won the AIMS Sullivan Best Overall Show in Ireland for 2019! This is a massive achievement for the Group and the first win since we joined AIMS in 2007 and the first major award in its 25 year history.

At a glittering ‘Oscars’ style ceremony at the INEC Killarney, over 1250 people attended the awards banquet to hear all the results while thousands more watched online.

We also had 5 runners-up in their categories which was a tremendous testament to the impact of Michael Collins – a Musical Drama.

Best Director – Imelda McDonagh 

Best Male Singer – Chris Currid

Best Actress – Denise Brennan

Best Stage Management – Greg O’Leary

Mary Kelly/Unsung Hero Award – Greg O’Leary

Much of the talent will also be on show in our 25th anniversary concert which is coming up soon in the National Opera House. More info to follow on this.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to this success and we now look forward to Grease in October 2019!

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