OLTG Holds 2022 Annual General Meeting

Oyster Lane Theatre Group held their 2022 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 9th March in the Talbot Hotel Wexford. After a relatively quite year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the group were delighted to meet up again in person. Although this year, the AGM was held in a slightly different format. This year if members could not attend the AGM in person, they were given the option to attend remotely via Zoom. The evening got underway with the several reports by the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and the group is in a very favourable position going forward into 2022. The committee informed members that a show announcement would be revealed in the coming weeks so to keep an eye on OLTG’s social media pages. The new committee for the incoming 2022/23 year is as follows:

Chairperson – Brandon Cogley

Vice-Chairperson – Natalie Casey

Secretary – Jennifer Nolan

Treasurer – Greg O’Leary

PRO – Ryan Kavanagh

Fundraising & Membership Officer – Lorraine Busher Carley

Committee Members – Majella Londra, Jenny Kennedy, Maria Gore, Michael Carroll & Diane O’Neill

The group thanked Joanna Harrington for her work on committee over the past two years and wished her all the best with her future endeavours before Diane O’Neill was elected to the committee in her place. Majella Londra will remain as OLTG President this year and Marian O’Leary will remain as the group’s Child Liaison Officer. Thanks to everyone who attended online and in person and we look forward to seeing you a lot more in 2022!


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