About Us

Oyster Lane is an amateur musical theatre group based in Wexford, Ireland.  Formed in 1994 and with 28 productions behind us, our ethos is one of mixing youth with experience to create memorable shows.  We take great pride in the fact that we have introduced 100’s of performers to the world of theatre.

Our shows have run in the Dun Mhuire Theatre as a fringe event of the world renowned Wexford Opera Festival which occurs during October each year. In 2022, following the closure of the Dun Mhuire Theatre, we will be moving to a new home in the National Opera House.

We have been nominated for and won a number of Association of Irish Musical Society awards (the Irish Musical Theatre ‘Oscars’) including winning the Best Overall Show in 2018 for Michael Collins, a Musical Drama.



Chairperson – Brandon Cogley

Vice-Chairperson – Diane O’Neill

Secretary – Jennifer Nolan

Treasurer – Maria Gore

Public Relations Officer (PRO) – Ryan Kavanagh

Rehearsal & Fundraising Manager – Lorraine Busher Carley

Committee Members: Jenny Kennedy, Majella Londra, Natalie Casey, Michael Carroll & Jackie Crosbie

President: Neal O’Leary

Child Protection Officer: Marian O’Leary

Honorary Members include: Alan Corcoran, Suzanne O’Leary, Patrick Clancy, Mark Redmond, Greg O’Leary, Marian O’Leary, Jackie Crosbie & Majella Londra.


Many of our committee, cast and crew work with us year after year for the pure pleasure of participating in the process of producing great shows that, thankfully, the public turn up in their thousands for. While most continue to do it as an amateur pastime, many of our past members have gone on to become in involved in theatre on a professional basis including:

Charlie Murphy –  Actress – Love/Hate, Vikings

Justin Murphy – Stage Manager – Rough Magic, Druid

Nick Roche – Played lead roles and also used to hand draw our posters.  He now draws the official Transformer Comics for IDW Publishing and recently drew the animations for the latest video from ‘The Darkness’

Sharon Clancy – Performed in Lead roles in West End Shows including Mamma Mia, Grease, Rent and JCS.

Michael Londra –  US based Tenor, Promoter, Celtic Fire

It is also worth noting that some of our members who joined us as children have gone on to direct and choreograph our shows in recent years including Thomas O’Leary, Paul Walsh and Jonny Smith.

If you would like to become part of the Oyster Lane family and help out either on-stage or off-stage, please do get in touch, we’d love to have you!   Contact us at info@oysterlane.com

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