“I have very dear memories of working with Oyster Lane as a young teenager. I was involved in the chorus of two productions; Annie & Evita. It gave me the first taste of the stage and after experiencing this I had a hunger for bigger parts. Alan Corcoran was the director at the helm of these productions and I couldn’t have asked for a more passionate man to be led by. It was a special time fnding something I felt suited me, being thrown into a mix of people who had a vision that excited me. I look back on this time with fondness and cherish my very first steps into something I fell in love with and have made a career out of.”
Charlie Murphy – Professional Actor

“Oyster Lane are a totally unique group that marry the brightest new talent to the cream of stage veterans to produce wonderful musical theatre. The Oyster Lane shows have become something of an event in Wexford, effortlessly selling out large venues, with a core audience that return year after year. The two words I would choose to describe the on stage performances are professional and joyous. That the cast and crew love what they are doing is obvious to all as soon as the curtain rises. Not that love is enough in the theatre, the talent has to be there too, and Oyster Lane have proved time and time again that there is no shortage of talent in their ranks. Their members have gone on to perform on national television, sing on Broadway and win numerous awards. I have had strong connections with Oyster Lane for many years now and they are as much a part of this town as our historic architecture or the festival opera. Long may they delight townsfolk and visitors alike with their commitment to pure entertainment.”
Eoin Colfer – International Best Selling Author

“I loved being part of Oyster lane Theatre Group, it gave me the feel for what it might be like to live and work as a professional actress and singer. After playing Sandy in Grease I knew being on stage was all I wanted to do. Without companies like Oyster Lane, I wouldn’t have been given the chance to get up on stage and experience my dreams. It’s a fantastic company for developing young and new talent. A big thank you to Oyster Lane for their continued encouragement and belief in my career.”
Sharon Clancy – Professional Singer & Actor

“Oyster lane is a vibrant energetic and creative theatre group that has introduced numerous people to the arts. With its ethos of blending youth and experience it has unearthed a wealth of new talent not just on stage but in the production and administration areas too. It is a welcoming theatrical family that is very much part of the Wexford of today and the future – long may it continue to prosper.”
Alan Corcoran – Professional Broadcaster, Actor, Director

“It is heartening to watch a young child walk onto a Wexford stage for the first time, exhilarating, to then see them blossom into a seasoned performer and finally, thrilling to watch that same person move on to a professional career in theatre. Oyster Lane has been that passageway for many children and teenagers. It now rightly takes it’s place in our town as an overflowing pool of talent, commitment and vitality providing not only badly needed diversion for kids but wonderful productions, enjoyed year after year by the people of Wexford. I am honoured to have been there at the start to witness it’s growth to becoming part of the core of the Wexford Arts scene“.
Michael Londra – Professional Singer, Actor, Producer

“Being part of Oyster Lane Theatre Group was a fantastic experience. I’ve always enjoyed theatre work, on and off stage, and being part of the Oyster Lane team only furthered my enjoyment of all things theatre. Their consistent execution of professional standards and productions is testament to the hard work and dedication of all their members.”
Ted Moran – Highwind Film

I joined the OLTG in 1994 for their first production “Grease”, a time I will always have fond memories of. From OLTG I began to learn my ‘craft’ through music, acting and dance, under the wing of our caring, supportive and immensely talented production team. In my teenage years, this was a time to learn, be social and have fun in a safe environment. They say that every professional performer in their youth, gets “bitten by the theatre bug’! Well I can safely say that OLTG was certainly responsible for my pursuit of a career in theatre. I have since gone on to study musical theatre in London at the Royal Academy Of Music and to pave a successful career for myself in singing and theatre with the skills I learned from my early days of training in Wexford. Thank you OLTG.
Maria Fitzgerald – Professional Singer/Actor

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